About CML

Major policies of CML are established by the membership at the annual business meeting and by the CML Executive Board and various committees. Daily operations of the League are carried out by a 13-member staff. CML also has a variety of professional sections and 14 regional districts that give CML depth and breadth in its understanding of municipal needs. Learn more in the CML Annual Report.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1923, the Colorado Municipal League is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization providing services and resources to assist municipal officials in managing their governments and serving the cities and towns of Colorado.

Vision Statement

The Colorado Municipal League is the leading nonpartisan resource for municipal officials in Colorado. CML is dedicated to supporting municipal leadership and development through a variety of relationships and partnerships. CML provides high quality resources and services that empower municipal governments to sustain strong, healthy, and vibrant cities and towns. CML represents Colorado cities and towns collectively through its advocacy, membership services, training, and research efforts. CML strives to continuously improve and seeks to identify additional resources, programs, and outreach efforts for its membership.